Our Philosophy

You can’t rush perfect BBQ, it doesn’t work that way.

Some people ask the secret of good authentic bbq. We take time to select the right meats and ingredients, and are picky about everything we choose. 

We don’t make a lot but we make it great!

the experience

We love what we do, without that it won’t taste right.

Being around Southern-Style Bar-B-Que our entire lives, we know good “Q”. For many years Kenton and Brian have served up some of the best BBQ you have ever had to friends and neighbors. They started 2 years ago blending thier styles together and now bring it “From the butcher shop to your backyard!”

Just one bite and you’re hooked. 

The Pit Masters

We take great pride in the bbq we serve and will not rush the process. We cook low and slow ensuring the ultimate infusion of smoke and rubs to create a great unforgettable flavor that will keep you wanting more!


Pit Master


Pit Master

Questions?  Contact the Pit Masters !